Clinical Data Management

The difference in virtual care technologies.

Clinical data capture and sharing capabilities are paramount to evidence-based clinical decision making. Just as you expect to have access to patient health information from face-to-face patient encounters, you should expect to have the same access to data for virtual visits.  With GlobalMed’s eNcounter® virtual health software, a wide range of clinical data integration services are available to simplify virtual care workflows and collection of patient information for future use.

Dynamic Integration Management Services (DIMS)

Healthcare integration is time-consuming, expensive, and difficult. With ongoing maintenance, support, and costly configuration and code changes, integration becomes a burden. And furthering your interoperability goals seems impossible.

DIMS is an automated checking tool based on FHIR compatibility that detects EHR changes and auto-syncs those changes, ensuring data always ends up in the right place. There is no need for costly configuration or development changes to account for adjustments to the parent information system. You can expect your virtual health platform and other care delivery systems are in sync with the latest patient health information.

DIMS dramatically reduces the cost and inefficiency of healthcare integration and makes virtual healthcare data accessible, useable, and actionable.

In six easy steps and based on your desired cadence, DIMS auto-checks the EHR for FHIR compatibility changes that ensures eNcounter and your systems are always in sync.

DIMS auto-checks the EHR

On a consistent cycle, DIMS checks the EHR for FHIR compatibility.

Manifest Generates

A FHIR-Compatibility Manifest is created.


When a user logs into eNcounter® the system auto-checks the manifest for updates.

Encounter Summary

At virtual consult completion, the user publishes an Encounter Summary with new patient data.

Data Pushed to EHR

The summary goes into the EHR as either actionable, usable data or the PACS system based on its latest FHIR-enabled compatibility.

Patient Summary

The next time the patient record is opened in eNcounter®, the most current information from the EHR will be reflected.

eNcounter® View and DIMS

eNcounter® View (eView) is a video-conferencing application that when integrated within the eNcounter® platform,  can be used to connect participants for live stream video conferencing and enables real-time sharing of medical data including device reports, images, auscultation sounds, and live video streams from connected exam cameras and probes.

Vitals Telemetry
Vitals data collected during the consultation can also be viewed by a connecting user w. Powered by Real-Time Communications (RTC) technologies, that meet federal cybersecurity requirements, users can facilitate and participate in remote consultations as if they are in the room with the patient.

Real-Time Viewing 
Users of eView can view patient data from the EHR via the patient summary interface. They can render the encounter summary and upload the data to the EHR in the same way eNcounter® platform users can. When a user from either side of the virtual visit initiates the upload of the data into the encounter summary, the other user is notified.

eNcounter® Data Integration

Data integration is key to quality care.

Basic telehealth video applications cannot exchange data with other provider systems leaving important health information out of the patient record and creating data gaps in other business functions such as reporting and billing.

The eNcounter® data integration solution solves this problem for a range of telehealth delivery models – exchanging data between a telehealth platform and a multitude of systems and between providers using different EHRs.

  • Search patients to view a summary health record prior or during the visit
  • Store and view virtual visit data from your PACS or EHR
  • Capture clinical data, generate an Encounter Summary, and upload its contents to your configured EHR or PACS system
  • All EHR-compatible, portable data will populate EHR fields, including Vitals, Chief Complaints, Visit Notes, etc.
Computer showing the DIMS micro-service which automatically maintains compatibility between an EHR and other integrated systems

How It Works

At Consultation Start:

When a user logs into eNcounter® and searches their EHR to render the Patient Summary, they will see the most updated data from the EHR and PACS (labs, meds, allergies, conditions, etc.)

When Consultation Ends:

Upon virtual visit completion, new data created during the consult flows out of the Encounter Summary into the EHR and PACS.

Always know where your data is headed.

EHR-compatible data is denoted with a green cloud icon. To prevent data loss, data that cannot be ingested by the configured EHR can be sent to a configured PACS system and is denoted with a blue document icon. 

Where the data will go is determined by FHIR-enabled endpoint compatibility between your system eNcounter®.



eNcounter software summary list showing telemedicine clinical workflow and data update to EHR and PACS
ClearSteth Digital Stethoscope Software
Laptop displaying TotalSteth on screen
Doctor using GlobalMed's TotalSteth digital stethoscope sofware on a patient

ClearSteth® Integration

Logo for ClearSteth digital stethoscope teleauscultation software

Advanced Steth Software

The ClearSteth application offers an intuitive interface for clear and fast tele-auscultation. This software combined with the RNK stethoscope offers a simple solution for remote sharing of high-quality heart, lung, and body sounds. Connect to patients in remote locations more easily than ever before with accurate, reliable, and quality readings from wherever you choose to integrate our solution.

Amazing Sound Quality

ClearSteth® delivers clear, crisp sound with filtering capabilities on both sides to emphasize a focus on bell or diaphragm ranges throughout the exam. ClearSteth will also automatically adapt to the available network bandwidth on either side of the connection, while still maintaining sound quality. No matter where you or your patient are located, ClearSteth will continue to provide high sound quality. Without the hassle of poor quality interference, you can be sure that the healthcare decisions that you make are based on clinically sound evidence.

Versatile and Secure

Allows users on various networks to access encrypted auscultation connections with the push of a button. ClearSteth is interoperable with the RNK and ThinkLabs One stethoscopes. Share data with fellow clinicians and patients more easily than ever before. Encrypted auscultations will ensure that patient security and privacy is still the number one priority.

User-Friendly Interface

Improve workflow by allowing users to stay logged into the application and display all participants in your telesteth program during the consultation, allowing team members the opportunity to collaborate with one another in real-time. Our user-friendly interface provides the platform for time and cost-effective appointments for both your organization and the patient.

Clinical Imaging

Generate Images

Using our state-of-the-art exam cameras and software, share images in real-time with connected users.

Upload Images

Upload images to a connected endpoint such as a PACS or EHR system.

Render Images

Render images from a configured endpoint in a DICOM-compliant, FDA-cleared PACS viewer made available to connected users.

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