Clinical Data Integration

Data Integration is Key to Quality Patient Care

Clinical data integration, including data capture and sharing capabilities are paramount to evidence-based clinical decision making. Just as you expect to have access to patient health information from face-to-face patient encounters, you should also expect to have the same access to data for virtual visits. The transition to a patient-centric, data-driven healthcare model requires the effective integration of multiple data sources to assess patient outcomes, measure performance improvements, and correlate cost control measures. With GlobalMed’s eNcounter® virtual health software, a wide range of clinical data integration services are available to simplify virtual care workflows and collection of patient information for future use.

The eNcounter clinical data integration capabilities include:

  • Medical device integration for automated data collection
  • Clinical telehealth exam workflows for optimized data entry,  medical evaluation and review.
  • Data integration API and microservices to access and share data across a multitude of data systems and between different EHRs.
  • Dynamic Integration Services to continually monitor for changes within data systems – adjust and update – so no data is lost.
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Automated Data Collection

Optimized Workflow Software

Data Systems Integration

Real-Time Data Checking

Automated Data Collection

GlobalMed’s integrated medical devices help you gather clinical vitals, monitor progress, view ultrasounds, hear heart and lung sounds and capture images of skin, ears, eyes and other areas. These patient details can then be saved directly to your EMR for sharing and continuum of care.

  • Exam Cameras
  • Conference Cameras
  • Stethoscopes
  • Otoscopes
  • ECGs
  • Vital Signs Monitor
  • Ultrasounds
  • Spirometers
  • Oher Medical Devices

Software for Optimized Evidence Collection and Review

GlobalMed’s secure, integrated on-prem and cloud-based telemedicine software solutions are designed to support the most advanced evidence-based clinical decision making. Our telehealth software technology enables providers to treat patients at any point in the care continuum from short-term acute conditions to long-term chronic illness, in person or remotely. Data gathered during virtual consults is accessible, actionable, useable, and sharable between systems.

  • Multi-Way Video Conferencing
  • Specialized Auscultation
  • Spirometric Interpretation
  • Abdominal and Vascular Ultrasound Imaging
  • Electrocardiogram Interpretation
  • Manual and Automated Vitals Entry
  • Diagnostic Image Capture
  • Image Measurement
  • Synchronous Diagnostic Data Transfer
  • Offline Connectivity
  • Image Annotations
  • Medical Imaging Management (PACS)
  • Automated Hearing Tests with Reports

Health Data Systems Integration

Basic telehealth applications cannot exchange data with other provider systems leaving important health information out of the patient record and creating data gaps in other business functions such as reporting and billing.

The eNcounter® data integration solution solves this problem for a range of telehealth delivery models – exchanging data between a telehealth platform and a multitude of systems and between providers using different EHRs.

  • Search patients to view a summary health record prior or during the visit
  • Store and view virtual visit data from your PACS or EHR
  • Capture clinical data, generate an Encounter Summary, and upload its contents to your configured EHR or PACS system
  • All EHR-compatible, portable data will populate EHR fields, including Vitals, Chief Complaints, Visit Notes, etc.

Automated Data Checking

Clinical data integration is the first step in ensuring access and sharing of patient data.  However, today’s healthcare data systems are constantly changing through the addition new data systems, new devices and enhanced workflows.  This means integration on its own is not enough to ensure you are working with and sharing all the data which may be available for true inter-operability.

To address this, GlobalMed introduced DIMS – an automated checking tool based on FHIR compatibility that detects EHR changes and auto-syncs those changes, ensuring data always ends up in the right place. There is no need for costly configuration or development changes to account for adjustments to the parent information system. You can expect your virtual health platform and other care delivery systems are in sync with the latest patient health information.

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