Clinically Validated Wellness Platforms

Our clinically validated wellness platforms, including Love Every Day®, Family Huddle®, and Moodhacker®, are built to work together to support your employee’s family, relationships, and personal health journeys as an additional wellness benefit.

Designed to enhance organizational performance and decrease employee burnout and work anxiety by improving individual wellness and resiliency. Resulting in higher workplace morale and improved productivity.


Activating Behavior

Moodhacker utilizes Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) techniques. It is an easy-to-use app for your employees to boost their moods by tracking and understanding their moods and inserting new behaviors to increase their well-being.

Strengthen Relationships – One Day At A Time

Love Every Day provides an interactive and rewarding way to strengthen communication and intimacy between couples, no matter where they are in their relationship journey.

Improve Family Relationships & Communication

Family Huddle is an application shared amongst your family to facilitate safe, mobile interactions, strengthening communication and bonds.

Employee wellbeing is Our Priority.

Clinically Validated

With the help of $60 million in grant funding from the NIH, we have developed our wellness apps to support online mental health services, including Love Every Day®, Family Huddle®, and Moodhacker®, all built to work together to support employee wellbeing.

Unhappy Relationships Affect Emotional and Physical Health

GlobalMed Wellness apps are based on national relationship models and habit-formation research performed by experts over many years. Our wellness apps are used by thousands of individuals and couples looking to improve themselves and their relationships. Improving individual wellness and reducing work depression directly translates to an improved attitude and performance in the organization.

Wellness Apps Designed for the Needs of Your Organization

Our wellness apps are designed to add to your employee benefits offering for a range of users, including individuals, couples, and families. These wellness resources focus on the positive aspects of wellness for various topics and situations. Different individuals have different needs, as do different organizations. That’s why we offer a series of apps to meet the mental wellness needs of you and your organization.

Manage and Track Engagement

It’s difficult to improve what you can’t measure – our dashboard provides a better understanding of your organization’s needs through enrollment and use data. Then, leverage those insights to guide your strategic planning around wellness, productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism, human capital management, and resiliency.