LiteExam® Station

The Easy, Affordable Desktop Telehealth Solution

The LiteExam® station is designed to be the easiest and most affordable desktop telemedicine station.  LiteExam® has everything you need, nothing you don’t need, to add telehealth capability to any school, office or organization. The solution sits on an existing desk or counter providing a fully-integrated telemedicine solution. It is ideal for users with limited budget that want a simple, affordable solution to provide telehealth care.

LiteExam Station with doctor on screen.

Simple & Affordable

  • Designed with limited budgets in mind
  • No installation required, just place it on a desk
  • Easy to use software and devices

Secure and Compliant

  • Lockable physical storage for devices and accessories
  • HIPAA compliant software to prevent unauthorized use and keep data secure

“Lite” Design, but Fully Capable

  • Simple collection of vitals and patient info
  • Easily connect to a remote practitioner
  • Start basic and add devices as desired

A Limited Budget Doesn’t Mean a Limited Telemedicine Solution

Powered with the eNcounter telehealth software the LiteExam® station is easy on the pocketbook but includes the same powerful clinical telemedicine software used within large virtual care systems.  Whether you need a simple and secure means to contact a nurse, or a store and forward method for your employees, students or Village to receive medical guidance, the LiteExam® is designed to meet your needs without stressing your budget.

LiteExam Affordable Desktop Telemedicine Station feature details
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Secure and easy.

Easy & Secure

Fully capable.

Fully Capable


Desktop Ready – Budget Friendly

  • All-in-One Computer
  • eNcounter Telehealth Software
  • Lockable Storage for Devices and Accessories
  • Accommodates TotalExam® Lite Camera Kit
  • 4 Port Hub for Flexibility and Expansion
  • Adjustable Height High Resolution PTZ*
  • Stowable Keyboard Design
  • Integrated Cable Management
LiteExam Station

Lockable Drawer Storage

The LiteExam Station comes with a lockable drawer to store and secure medical devices, sterile disposables and accessories. The example below depicts a typical configuration, but you can modify contents as it meets you use scenarios.

LiteExam Station drawer

Budget still an issue? The LiteExam is available for lease!

When you’re ready – easily expand your solution with the latest telemedicine devices

Although the LiteExam Station is designed to be easy to use and easy on the budget, it does not lack in capability.  The LiteExam comes with GlobalMed’s eNcounter Telehealth software, which means as your operations expand or your budget increases, you can add to your system with devices which are already fully integrated.  Select devices specific to your needs, or the needs of unique office or clinic locations with the peace of mind that they will seamlessly operate with your existing system.

Fully integrated telehealth expansion devices and software.

TotalExam® Lite

High resolution Exam Camera
and Otoscope

Digital Stethoscope

Artifact-free digital


Wireless 12-Lead ECG

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