Transportable Audiology Backpack


The Transportable Audiology Backpack brings the audiology exam to the patient’s home, office or any remote location.

A Complete Mobile Audiology Solution

This lightweight, USB-powered design provides a simple and organized software solution for a remote audiology assessment, expanding care to patients that have difficulties physically meeting with their audiologist.

Lightweight and Simple to Use Audiology Assessment

The GlobalMed® Transportable Audiology Backpack (TAB) provides a highly effective, mobile telemedicine audiology solution to check a patient’s hearing and provide convenient audiology care in the patient’s home, office or remote location.

The solution allows the patient to conduct a self-exam including a complete hearing evaluation and collection of visual references which can then be sent to a specialist in real-time, or in a store-and-forward manner, reducing patient and/or specialist travel.

The Audiology Solution that Travels to Your Clients

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For the Patient

• Decreased wait times for audiology services
• Eliminated or reduced travel time
• Choice of audiologist no longer based on distance from patient
• No reduction in exam quality
• Simple, self-administered testing for some conditions

For the Audiologist

• Decreased wait times result in increased customer satisfaction
• Time is optimized for assessing data and treatment options
• Ability to extend geographical reach of services
• No reduction in assessment data quantity or quality
• Clear images with accurate measurements

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The Transportable Audiology Backpack is simply organized with easy-to-use software which guides patients through their own self-exam.

Designed to travel, the Transportable Audiology Backpack is lightweight, rugged and easily portable for all types of remote telemedicine scenarios.

The Transportable Audiology Backpack is fully equipped with the software and peripherals needed to collect telehealth data for a complete audiology assessment.

What's Included

GSI AMTAS Audiology Software

GSI’s Automated Method for Testing Auditory Sensitivity (AMTAS™) patient directed evaluation software provides an accurate, self-administered hearing test with quality indicators that provide insight to the audiologist on how to proceed with counseling, follow up testing (if needed), and development of a treatment plan

eNcounter® Telehealth Platform

The eNcounter software provides automated collection of diagnostic data and ear images during the patient session, which is then integrated into a single report along with the hearing test results for safe storage and subsequent forwarding to a remote audiologist for review.

TotalExam® 3.2 Camera with Oto Attachment

This state-of-the art camera allows the capture of high-quality images of the outer and middle ear which can then be included in the AMTAS evaluation data report.

Organized Design for Easy Set Up and Optimized Self-Guided Remote Exams

The Transportable Audiology Backpack includes a ruggedized tablet PC to host GSI’s Automated Method for Testing Auditory Sensitivity (AMTAS™) software and the eNcounter® telehealth software. Other peripherals include a TotalExam 3.2 exam camera and distance measuring device for video endoscopy, otoscope attachment for tympanic image capture, over-the-ear evaluation headphones and additional equipment storage. The compact design provides for an entire audiology testing suite in a mobile form factor.

Ready for a Mobile Tele-Audiology Solution?

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