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i1000MD Camera

Fast and Accurate Focus Performance

Telemedicine Video Cameras

Video conferencing is an incredibly effective tool in the employment of remote telemedicine. By using telehealth video cameras enabled with conferencing technology, healthcare practitioners and patients can reduce the costs associated with regular office visits. Physicians can be anywhere monitoring and collecting patient information while the patient remains in the comfort of his or her home. Not only does this reduce unnecessary costs and travel times, video conferencing can be beneficial to patients with mobility issues or environmental concerns when it would not be ideal to visit a hospital or clinic.

Besides doctor-to-patient communication, video conferencing allows hospitals to create networks to provide each other with support and consults. By easily sharing their expertise outside their own institutions, doctors can offer incredible value to their medical colleagues and those colleagues patients.

Video conferencing has much to offer healthcare professionals and patients alike. GlobalMed offers conference cameras that integrate smoothly with eNcounter, allowing practitioners to treat patients from anywhere without the need for travel.

The i1020-PTZ cnonference camera

i1020 PTZ Video Camera

Enterprise-class USB 3.0 full HD PTZ telemedicine video camera for conferencing has positioning for middle and large room video communication. It supports far end camera control with a smooth pan/tilt rotation, fast accurate focus capability and a 12x optical zoom.

ClearCam 1200TW

ClearCam™ CC1200TW PTZ Video Camera

The superior 12x optical zoom lens, excellent white balance, and exposure mode delivers a clear image even in low light or extreme contrast of brightness and darkness. The TAA-Compliant camera covers a wide shooting angle and achieves high-speed, quiet, and precise positioning with smooth PTZ operations. This telemedicine video camera is perfect for those that require a higher level of security.

ClearCam CC2000NW PTZ Conference Camera

ClearCam™ CC2000NW PTZ Video Camera

The USB-Powered ClearCam 2000 PTZ camera offers a wide range of functions, superior performance and rich interfaces. The features include advanced ISP processing algorithms to provide vivid images with a strong sense of depth, high resolution, and fantastic color rendition. It supports H.264/H.265 encoding which makes motion video fluent and clear even under less-than-ideal bandwidth conditions and boasts a 20x optical zoom.

Video Cameras Made for Telemedicine.

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