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The Future of Telehealth

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Remote healthcare services and technology are quickly becoming commonplace for healthcare organizations across the globe. How quickly certain countries adopt these telemedicine technologies varies, however, and the U.S. is among the slowest to realize the widespread benefits these methods can deliver.

More than 2,000 studies have been conducted researching telemonitoring, with the vast majority showing just how valuable remote healthcare can be. Results have included reducing hospital readmissions by 83 percent, decreasing home nursing visits 66 percent, and lowering overall costs by more than 30 percent. Also, patients and caregivers using telehealth technologies have reported increased satisfaction with treatments. These findings have been enough to encourage many countries – such as the United Kingdom – to integrate remote healthcare into their current healthcare practices.

Even still, the body of evidence supporting remote medicine and its outcomes continues to grow. Hard data continues to mount in favor of remote healthcare. The immense cost savings cannot be ignored and nothing else has worked to reduce these expenses. The improved communication between doctor and patient it facilitates will inevitably make remote medical services and telemedicine technologies an integral part of many healthcare organizations.

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