Serving the Virtual Health Needs of U.S. and International Governments

In 2008, GlobalMed launched its very first project with the U.S. Federal government to serve veterans by deploying telehealth solutions across the Veteran’s Administration. Since then, GlobalMed has delivered a wide array of virtual health solutions for government agencies including the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, and the White House Medical Unit, to name a few.

With solutions used in over 60 countries, GlobalMed has led telehealth adoption worldwide including international government deployments with the NHS in the United Kingdom and Scotland, as well as NATO, the Portuguese Army, and in partnership with the United Nations for the Country of Zimbabwe.

Better Access to Care, Globally

Global Presence
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Today, government agencies worldwide are faced with the same health care delivery challenges: rising costs of care, provider burn-out, shortages of critically needed specialists, and limits on access to care and broadband, especially in rural areas.

They are looking for solutions that deliver better patient outcomes and optimize the health and wellness of a care workforce that is constantly at risk of burnout. They must also meet risk-based metrics and other business goals that rely on data and system integration and interoperability.

Regulatory changes and funding initiatives are making it easier than ever before to invest in and build a telehealth program. GlobalMed’s advanced virtual health technologies are making it possible to start and scale a program over time without the need for disparate solutions across multiple vendors.

A Compete Virtual Health Platform

Transportable Exam Station TES is a mobile telemedicine platform with a military-grade tablet and impact-resistant case to store a variety of medical devices.
Connected Medical Devices
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GlobalMed’s configurable telehealth stations act as a foundational hub for secure, evidence-based virtual care encounters. 

Digital devices gather vitals, monitor progress, view ultrasounds, hear heart and lung sounds and capture images of skin, ears, and eyes. 

Clinical software solutions offer flexible services for video, scheduling API, data integration, and dynamic integration solutions for evidence-based care delivery.

World-Class Security

Notable Government Use Cases

Defense Health Agency

GlobalMed technology is used by the US Armed Forces and is also used to train medical students at the Uniformed Services University during their Operations Bushmaster and Gunpowder exercises. GlobalMed is also the first synchronous virtual health technology provider awarded the Defense Health Agency Authority to Operate on the Department of Defense network.

White House Medical Unit

Our solutions are used by the White House Medical Unit (WHMU) anywhere or anytime POTUS or visitors need virtual care: The White House, Air Force One, Motorcade, Camp David, Bedminster, etc. We continue to work directly with the WHMU team including a recent core training program where we taught the use of ultrasound technology in mobile and austere clinical settings in partnership with the Global Society for Disaster Medicine and Harvard Medical School.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

GlobalMed telehealth solutions have been implemented in every VA hospital across the U.S. and in some extension service centers, including teleaudiology to tackle the nearly 60%+ veterans with hearing issues. A new telemedicine program for veterans featuring GlobalMed technology was launched in 2017 at the White House Roosevelt Room. Telehealth is also used for the VA’s mental health program and to treat the rise in poly-trauma cases to facilitate care coordination.