Meet Erika.

At 28 years old, Erika is one of the youngest people ever diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, or tumor of the bone marrow, involving white blood cells that produce a distinctive destructive protein in the blood. Her diagnosis is lifelong – it is treatable but not curable.  Less than 0.3 % of all multiple myeloma patients are under 30 years old.

Erika is also a GlobalMed alum. She served as a marketing specialist for over two years. She is a gifted writer, social media wizard, and overall creative marketer! Erika is a great cat mom to Nala, a dedicated daughter and sister, and a friend to many.

A Courageous Decision
When Erika was given a cancer diagnosis, she made a decision. She felt called to raise awareness about this rare form of cancer and tell her story via social media. She didn’t worry about her hair being perfect or having the latest styles to show off – she knew that her hair, so beautiful and a form of innocent pride for most, would go away for a while and even become a part of her story. She didn’t aspire to be an influencer or place her value in the number of likes she gets. She simply wanted to tell her story and inspire others – as far and as wide as anyone would listen.

She is and she did.

Seemingly overnight, Erika became a multiple myeloma warrior.

She is an educator, an influencer, and an advocate. She has also become the very source of inspiration we all need. With over 1200 followers in a very short time, she is a beacon of hope, shining a bright light on a little-known topic, and giving us a glimpse into the lens through which she sees the world. Although we cannot know the physical and emotional pain she is feeling or the toll that the rigors of intense medical treatments are taking on her body, we are honored to know her, to share her story, and go on this journey with her. We are rooting for her every step of the way.

We invite you to follow Erika and learn more about her cancer journey and be lifted by her strength. 

Medical care will continue over her lifetime. 

Erika's gofundme

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Erika has experienced extensive bones loss and multiple fractures. She has endured multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, pneumonia, a bone marrow transplant, stem cell therapy, and extensive hospitalization. She is also isolated due to the risk of infection.

She has embraced every painful event with incredible grace and strength.
Every day, her body is working hard to heal. She has bad days and good days. Recovery is a full-time job. She cannot possibly be a ray of sunshine every waking moment but with support, she can be strengthened and encouraged. She can be reminded that she’s not fighting this battle alone. And she can conserve her energy to heal and be her very best self.

Erika’s family, always by her side and her biggest fans, along with caring family friends have set up a Go Fund Me account to make sure she can focus on healing and not be discouraged or distracted by the staggering cost of health care. If you feel inspired to donate, we ask that you take a moment to do so. No matter how small, any amount helps.

In addition to updates on Instagram, you can get periodic updates from her family through the Go Fund Me channel as well.

Courage and a new chapter!

Beautiful Nala 

Love and Honor Your Scars

Mama+Nala – working on the mission!