What's New in eNcounter® 3.6.7

eNcounter is the backbone of GlobalMed’s virtual health care platform, so we’ve devoted our resources to adding features and functionality to this already robust system.

Please Note:

  • This version of eNcounter requires .NET Framework 4.8. If this is not installed on the machine you intend to use please run the eNcounter prerequisite installer found on the downloads page prior to installing eNcounter 3.6.7.
  • To ensure you are using the latest version of eNcounter View, be sure to refresh your browser (Ctrl+F5)

Improvements & Fixes

  • Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese translations are now available.
  • Modified the default birthdate of an “Anonymous Patient” to be 1/1 of the current year
  • Date picker usability improved: default year 50 years prior; oldest year 120 years prior
  • Annotations made more usable and more flexible

eNcounter View

  • Contact list intermittently unavailable


  • Auto adjust volume feature made more sensitive to improve results
  • Provider-side filters did not always change the sound

Total Vitals®

  • Under certain conditions, Bluetooth was not connecting

Total ECG®

  • Addressed errors that occurred in Windows 11
  • Periodically disconnected

Coming Soon

  • Finalization of translations in system emails and pop-up messages