Remote Care Solutions

Bridging the Digital Divide

Providing extended connectivity in areas that lack cellular signals or network coverage, providers are enabled to establish triage centers and communicate back to hospitals, clinics, 911 dispatch, and any other team. Our suite of remote care solutions were built with rural, distant, or rugged locations in mind enabling care anywhere, anytime.

The PDN, portable network-in-a-box activates secure, reliable wireless Internet connectivity in minutes. A booster option, the Mobile Portable Amplifier, improves cell phone coverage. Paired with the Transportable Exam Station or Transportable Exam Backpack Station, providers and patients can experience immediate, secured network coverage and complete exam capabilities.


The GlobalMed® Transportable Exam Station (TES) brings a new dimension to providing telemedicine to the patient in austere environments.

  • Built-in military-grade ruggedized tablet
  • Readable glove capable Gorilla Glass for video conferencing in any condition.
  • Network connectivity achieved using a Cradlepoint connection for 3G/4G/LTE or built-in WiFi.
  • TES stores an array of cameras and medical devices in a rugged, impact-, dust-, and weather-resistant rolling case

TES is ideal for these scenarios:

  • Emergency Response
  • Disaster Relief
  • Homebased Patient Care
  • Rural Healthcare Outreach

Compatible devices include:

  • TotalExam® 3 Camera
  • Horus Ophthalmoscope
  • ClearSteth® Stethoscope
  • ClearProbe Ultrasoundust and water exposure
Mobile telelemedicine solutions includes lightweigth backpack and rugged suitcase versions


The GlobalMed® Transportable Exam® Backpack (TEB) offers a lightweight and easy-to-carry virtual care delivery kit for use with patients in-home or remote environments.

Lightweight, USB-powered design provides a simple and organized solution, configured for in-home care or remote provider consultations Works with  clinical devices including:

  • TotalVitals® Health Monitor
  • TotalExam® Lite, Camera & Otoscope
  • USB Stethoscope
  • TotalECG®
  • Ultrasound

Devices enable a wide array of clinical data collection, vitals signs including blood pressure, heart rate and temperature, heart and lung

Even in the most rural areas or isolated locations, a clinician can gather video evidence and even capture ultrasound images.

  • Lightweight and compact bag design
  • Integrated 4 port USB hub
  • Dedicated laptop pocket up to 15.6”
  • Custom foam insert to support peripheral devices.
  • Additional storage pockets for peripheral accessories


This PDN is a secure, mobile emergency comms case solution. This all-in-one solution will create secure network hotspots and runs on batteries for maximum usability.

  • A secure, mobile emergency communications case provisioned with all the hardware and software components needed to deploy a pop-up network on the go.
  • A rugged closed-case solution that becomes the ultimate “WiFi Hotspot”, “Network-In-A-Box”, and a ready, accessible “go kit” for cellular, digital-data communications.
  • The PDN utilizes high-gain cellular connectivity to allow its end-users to access and push & pull digital-data as needed per application.
  • Powerful on-board modems and routers and built-in omnidirectional high-gain antennas, capable of accessing cell towers over 40 miles away (depending on line of sight), and projecting WiFi access for users up to 900 feet away.
  • Easy to use and in just minutes, you’ll establish a secure, Internet connection.
Mobile emergency communications and cellular boosting solution for remote telemedicine


MPA Portable Amplifier is a portable, rugged, closed-case solution to boost cellular signal up to 100dB gain in both planned events and emergency-response situations

A closed-case, rugged, easy-to-use smart cellular boosting solution.

  • Comes assembled, provisioned with all the hardware and software needed
  • Ready for initial set up to boost cellular connectivity on-the-go in remote and challenging locations
  • Configured for industry-leading 65 dB gain in mobile mode
  • In stationary mode, delivers 100 dB gain—up 1000x greater than other solutions
Easily boost a cellular signal whenever it’s needed.

  • Connect the MPA with the Cel-Wave app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets
  • In minutes, the MPA improves vital cellular communications
  • Keeps single or multiple users connected in signal trouble areas
  • NEMA 4 rated weather-resistant to withstand harsh conditions including dust and water exposure

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