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7 Things Hospital CIOs and CMIOs Should Consider

By January 20, 2017February 26th, 2019White Papers

Discover the 7 things to consider before implementing a telemedicine program into your systems.

  • Telemedicine solutions should be cost-effective and easily integrate into your electronic health record system.
  • Your telemedicine solution should be able to scale care management resources, allowing you to look beyond hospitals to skilled nursing facilities and other resources.
  • Implementation should not create resentment with your clinical staff. Look for vendors that offer training to help you manage change and engage your clinicians.
  • Your Health Information Management system should have the ability to link patient data and medical images with case management data.
  • In this era of data breaches, your telemedicine system should include encryption that has been validated or certified for leading standards, such as HIPAA High Trust, HITECH and FIPS 140-2.
  • Your telemedicine system should be subscription-based and in the cloud so that it is an operating expense that doesn’t impinge upon your capital budget.
  • Your telemedicine system should be “future proofed” with proven technology that provides a competitive advantage.

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