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Deer Jet Medical Partners with GlobalMed to Advance Access to Quality Healthcare in China

By February 14, 2017Press

Scottsdale, AZ (February 13, 2017) GlobalMed, the worldwide leader in telemedicine delivery systems, has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Deer Jet Medical Co., Ltd., Chinas largest emergency rescue and medical plane company, for its entire line of mobile telemedicine stations, medical devices and software to advance quality healthcare service delivery to the Chinese mainland as well as the Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions. Deer Jet Medical will represent GlobalMed in the Greater China region.

Backed by its shareholders including a Global Fortune 500 company, Hainan Air Group (HNA), and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed Golden Meditech Holdings Limited, Deer Jet Medical has been serving large and medium-sized Chinese enterprises worldwide by providing on-site clinic solutions, global air ambulance service and customized insurance solutions. It is considered a preferred choice for travel medicine and security solutions for millions of outbound Chinese travelers every year.

We do see exciting and huge market potential for proven and state-of-the-art telemedicine solutions in China in the upcoming years, said Dennis Haikuan Lu, Chairman and CEO of Deer Jet Medical. GlobalMeds mobile telemedicine solutions not only fit into our needs to further enhance our service portfolio and capability to Chinese corporate clients and their employees globally, but also capture the opportunities of transforming healthcare service delivery in the domestic China market, by enabling millions of Chinese to have easy and quick access to quality healthcare services.
Our connected health platform will help advance access to healthcare throughout Asia, said Joel E. Barthelemy, GlobalMeds CEO and Founder. Our experience in design, deployment, and support for what was the largest telemedicine installation in history with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs demonstrates the scalability of GlobalMed systems. Our mission has not changed: quality care for all through connected care. And we see our partner, Deer Jet Medical, helping to make this happen in Asia.

According to official statistics, Chinese hospitals nationwide recorded 7.7 billion patient visits in 2015. Even if only a small portion of these patient visits are handled via telemedicine, this may translate into an immense market opportunity that could easily dwarf the size of the potential telemedicine market in North America or the Europe Union, said Lu.

The agreement opens the Chinese market for GlobalMeds full line of telemedicine hardware and software products for the benefit of Chinas 1.4 billion people, representing 19% of the world population. Chinas Ministry of Health of the State Council oversees health services and has embarked on a program to provide universal healthcare access and treatment for the entire nation by 2020, called Healthy China 2020.

Due to almost three decades of economic growth, China has seen strong demand for better healthcare infrastructures and services nationwide. Many areas, especially those in remote and rural locations, face severe shortages of well-trained healthcare professionals and hospital infrastructures. Chinas government has given a priority to develop and promote telemedicine programs as part of the countrys efforts to overhaul the laggard healthcare sectors that have remained under-invested for years.

An effective telemedicine program would help ease the disparity between the quality of healthcare in rural and urban areas of China, said Barthelemy.

About Deer Jet Medical
Deer Jet Medical Co., Ltd. (DJM) is Chinas largest Emergency assistance and air ambulance service provider, having established a worldwide footprint. As the first company in the country to have adopted and enforced international emergency medical protocols and standardsEMS), DJM is also the first Chinese emergency and specialty medical service to operate with global service capability and a network. In 2013, DJM became a certified training center of the American Heart Association (AHA).

DJMs shareholders include Asias largest business jet operator, Deer Jet Co., Ltd. under HNA Group, and Golden Meditech Holdings Limited, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It is also the sister company of China SOS International Limited established in Hong Kong. Deer Jet Medical is committed to becoming the most preferred and respected choice of travel health and security solutions in the Greater China Region.

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