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GlobalMed® Releases eNcounter®NOW Expanding its Software Offerings

By November 29, 2023February 17th, 2024General Interest, GlobalMed in the News, Telemedicine Software

GlobalMed® Releases eNcounter®NOW Expanding its Software Offerings
With the addition of direct-to-patient capabilities, the eNcounter® software suite supports care delivery across the acuity spectrum.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. November 29, 2023:  GlobalMed®, a leading innovator in virtual care solutions, has recently introduced eNcounter®NOW (eNOW), a tool that broadens the array of healthcare options provided by the eNcounter® software suite. eNOW permits patients in remote locations to receive high-level care and connect with specialists worldwide. The software also enables direct communication between clinicians and patients, covering a wide range of healthcare needs.

eNOW offers virtual care in various scenarios, including direct-to-patient video consultations and medical station calls that allow real-time sharing of medical data, images, device reports, and live video from connected examination cameras. Additionally, eNOW offers patient self-scheduling and document management, along with ePrescribe capabilities for efficient prescription management. All data is securely stored on a HIPAA-compliant cloud platform to ensure dependable, redundant system performance.

Featuring an intuitive interface eNOW ensures a seamless experience for both patients and healthcare providers. This advanced platform allows real-time virtual consultations with healthcare providers, accessible from homes, workplaces, or any location with an internet connection, ensuring comprehensive virtual care across the full spectrum of healthcare needs.

“GlobalMed is excited to release our direct-to-patient virtual care app eNow that when paired with our high-acuity-care, evidenced-based eNcounter platform brings complete end-to-end virtual care to the patient,” stated Joel E. Barthelemy, the Founder and CEO. “Our goal is to eliminate the disparity of care through intelligent SaaS and enterprise systems meeting both our commercial and government clients.  With eNOW, we can continue enhancing healthcare delivery and providing timely care to patients, regardless of location.”

The eNcounter platform serves as the ultimate solution for virtual care delivery, ensuring timely access to care and reducing disparities in healthcare. It is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of healthcare settings, including hospitals, health systems, urgent care facilities, nursing homes, provider networks, home healthcare, and correctional facilities, among others.


About GlobalMed:

GlobalMed powers the world’s most advanced and secure virtual health technology platform and wellness applications that support a patient at any point in the continuum of care. Integrative software and data-capturing tools enable providers to deliver a complete and accurate patient encounter for evidence-based treatment and improved patient outcomes. In their 21+ years of operation, they have facilitated over 63 million telehealth consultations globally.

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Sara Putnam
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