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GlobalMed Systems: The Convergence of Clinical Telemedicine and Healthcare IT

By February 22, 2016February 22nd, 2017Press

Scottsdale, AZ (February 24, 2016) Efficiency, communication and vendor neutrality are the guardrails for Healthcare IT. Remote patient sessions conducted by telemedicine must be efficient and provide an action record that can be retained, interchanged and maintained. Communication is at the core of what defines usability. And, vendor product neutrality ensures that products will work within legacy networks.

GlobalMed meets these challenges and helps prevent them from becoming pain points. eNcounter – an intuitive and easy to use software platform – accomplishes that goal without inhibiting workflow. It puts patient medical images, vital signs and data into a summary that can be saved to a hospital PACS or to a cloud server or to both. The summary digitally signed and traceable by the author and system can be accessed by the next clinician with the proper passcode.

Well-designed communication systems follow standards that help eliminate mistakes and confusion. GlobalMeds integrated medical devices, mobile telemedicine stations and software support safe, effective, and cost-constrained healthcare using Health IT standards like DICOM and HL7. The patient records generated during a remote visit are protected by encryption and are never stored on the originating computer.

GlobalMeds approach to vendor neutral system design seeks to ensure broad compatibility and interchangeability. eNcounter is browser-based and works on any Windows 7 or Windows 10 computer, laptop or tablet. All of GlobalMeds medical peripherals, including the TotalExam 3 Examination Camera and ClearSteth Digital Stethoscope are USB and function separately or from within eNcounter.

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