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How Telehealth is Reaching Patients Beyond Their Couch at Home

Reaching patients at home through telehealth.

When you think of telemedicine, you might think of a patient at home using a telehealth app to connect by phone or video with a doctor-of-the-moment who can assess their symptoms and offer advice.

What if we told you that virtual care delivery is reaching patients wherever they are from the back of an ambulance, in the workplace, or even on an oil rig? And the types of care patients can receive is also much more than you might think.

Take a moment to explore some of our favorite blogs and discover the unexpected ways telehealth is transforming healthcare.

Why Provider Networks Are Going Virtual

Provider networks are taking critical steps to expand coverage, improve patient care, and alleviate burnout with telemedicine.

Will Teleparamedicine Save Your Life? 

Explore how virtual healthcare is changing the world of emergency medicine, one ambulance ride at a time.

Telemedicine Under the Sea

The benefits of telehealth extend to prove that, no matter where on earth a patient is, quality care is never out of reach.

Telemedicine Helps Critical Access Hospitals

Rural healthcare leaders are bolstering their care ecosystems with virtual programs in their community hospitals.

Telepsych and Mental Health in The Workplace

Telepsychiatry can cultivate a positive professional environment so employees can perform – and feel – their best.

Telemedicine: Saving Neonatal Lives

Telemedicine is here to make sure your patients’ little miracles get the healthiest start possible.

With over 25 million consults in 60 countries, we know what it takes to build a telemedicine program. Let us help you! Contact Us.

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