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Phoenix Business Journal: Former White House doctor sees advantages in telemedicine for U.S. president

Photo Credit: Phoenix Business Journal

After last weeks announcement that GlobalMeds telemedicine technology is in the White House and on Air Force One, we reached out to Dr. Connie Mariano, a former White House doctor, to hear her thoughts on this type of technology being used to care for the U.S. president, his family and staffers.When she saw the photo of President Donald Trump and staffers looking at GlobalMeds telemedicine unit, it was like a homecoming for her.

Mariano continues to practice medicine in Scottsdale, serving as founder and owner of a concierge practice called Center for Executive Medicine in Scottsdale. Here are her thoughts on telemedicine:

How is this technology going to help the White House Medical Unit care for the president?
The current-day American presidency is mobile in the sense that the president travels frequently overseas and to areas potentially where there may not be adequate medical care. The White House Medical Unit is responsible for the presidents health 24/7 around the world. For those times when the president is away from Washington, either on board Air Force One or in a foreign country, having access to telemedicine to connect with specialists in the U.S. is a very valuable asset to the White House doctor and medical team traveling with the president.

What are some advantages?
I have toured the GlobalMed facility and met with founder and CEO Joel Barthelemy. The technology is impressive and provides high-resolution images that can be transmitted securely to a consultant. The GlobalMed technology can fit in a brief case and is carried easily on board Air Force One or whenever the president leaves the White House.

What potential problems can arise from this?
The main concern is cyber security. The technology has been checked out thoroughly by Secret Service and the security team at the White House.

How does GlobalMed technology fit in private practice?
For a large practice where physicians rely often on sub-specialist consultation (including dermatology), having telemedicine would be an asset.

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