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PRESS RELEASE: GlobalMed leapfrogs competition with next generation, evidenced-based telemedicine platform

Scottsdale, AZ, August 9, 2017 With the largest and most scalable telemedicine implementations domestically and throughout the world, GlobalMed continues to redefine telemedicine with the current release of its industry recognized and award-winning eNcounter platform. The eNcounter platform revolutionizes how practitioners and patients interact, allowing for seamless continuity and continuation of care, both clinically and at home. Contrary to competitors singularly software and symptoms only approach to telemedicine, GlobalMeds eNcounter platform integrates best-of-class consumer-facing functionality with clinical and non-clinical data-driven devices and wearables, allowing for responsible, outcome focused and evidenced-based consultations.

At the heart of our mission is to empower our customers to extend their reach through connected care and dynamic collaboration, said Joel E. Barthelemy, founder and CEO of GlobalMed. With the launch of our revolutionary eNcounter platform, we continue to set a new gold standard for responsible telemedicine enabling continuous provider/patient engagement that actually leverages evidence to drive toward positive outcomes. Our philosophy, product and approach to the market differs from everyone else. When analyzing the term telemedicine, we simply choose to focus less on tele and significantly more on medicine.

Designed and developed with interoperability as a guiding principle, eNcounter is modularized so our customers can capitalize on existing systems to manage operations, retain patients and provide an exceptional experience.

We understand and acknowledge that organizations currently exploring telemedicine do not want a mandated big bang approach to implementation, said E. Patrick LaVoie, Chief Operating Officer of GlobalMed. Architecting a highly scalable, proven and modular platform allows decision makers the ability and autonomy to implement iteratively. To deliver the right products, we partner with our customers and encourage a data driven, ROI-focused and sometimes functionality-specific approach to the telemedicine buying decision. No other company has the ability to offer this flexibility.

Incorporated with GlobalMeds ecosystem of hardware telemedicine stations, eNcounter is the final piece to the telemedicine puzzle, giving physicians and facilities the ability to offer patients an unheralded level of access to evidence-based healthcare.

We chose GlobalMeds newest eNcounter platform because it is the only solution that scales for both small practices and enterprise-wide deployments. As a participant in GlobalMeds Beta Program, we felt part of GlobalMeds team and interacted frequently, allowing for continual feedback on product direction. Our healthcare improvement model is incredibly unique and the eNcounter platform empowers us to deliver on our mission to provide access to high quality care across all Puerto Rico, Dr. Joaquin Fernndez Quintero, MD President and Founder of TeleMedik and TeleMedik Innova Health Solutions.

About GlobalMed
Transforming Healthcare Globally

GlobalMed is an award-winning, international provider of telemedicine hardware and software solutions supporting advanced health care delivery and connectivity in 55 countries and empowering more than 3.5 million consults last year. As the manufacturer and implementer of the largest telemedicine programs in the world, GlobalMed is the only vertically integrated provider of products and technology to provide HIPAA-compliant, evidenced-based video collaboration among healthcare professionals and patients, regardless of geographic boundaries. Partnering with leading medical groups, healthcare enterprises and government agencies has led to the companys unparalleled expertise in designing sustainable, integrated health delivery solutions that deliver proven world-class patient care, both in clinical environments and at home.

In 2016, GlobalMed was chosen as the telemedicine provider for the White House Medical Unit. Selected for its security and proven performance, GlobalMed provides equipment, training and support and works closely with White House medical professionals whom provide care for the President. Founded by a Marine Corps Veteran still serving as CEO, GlobalMed is proud to be a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB).

For more information about GlobalMed visit or contact us at 800-727-1174

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