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Why Are You Still Talking About Telemedicine?

By April 5, 2018May 18th, 2020Uncategorized

You may have taken part in countless meetings and endless conversations around telemedicine. “It’s coming, so be ready.” Or, “It’s here – what do we do now?” Then another year passes without meaningful implementation.

Why are you still talking about telemedicine?

It’s a valid question, considering the mountains of real-world data touting the positive effects, both direct and indirect, of telehealth. The mountain is so massive that major pro-telemedicine initiatives have been announced at the national level. The U.S. government decided that if it’s good enough for the president, its good enough for our veterans.

GlobalMed has been there since the beginning. We were the featured solution during that press conference at the White House. We’ve been honored to serve the last two administrations.

Why, then, are organizations holding back? In small clinics and large healthcare systems, fear, uncertainty and inertia have set in. The potential of telemedicine is so vast that it’s hard to know where to begin. At the enterprise level, leaders complain that invisible walls have grown up around individual departments and that those walls feel impenetrable. Institutions employ providers with telemedicine experience ranging from extensive to nonexistent; different departments may use different vendors; and employees with niche telemedicine knowledge may be difficult to retain, given their in-demand status. It’s a challenge, to be sure.

But a challenge is all it is. GlobalMed has developed, deployed and maintained telehealth systems and diagnostic tools for over 16 years. We helped build telemedicine into the worldwide force it is today, combining our own innovations with the wonderful suggestions of our customers in the field. We’ve enabled millions of virtual patient-provider interactions on a software platform designed to work on an airplane or aboard a battleship.

We can tell you at mile three what’s coming at mile 20. We can help you plan and prepare and realize the return on your investment vision.

Because we know you’re not really interested in our products themselves – you’re interested in how they can help you. You can see patients remotely, sure, or add a faraway specialist to the session with the press of a button. But you can also offer more patients more services in more places. Your organization can stay competitive in a tech-savvy marketplace. You can spare doctors another urgent midnight drive; save your patients a two-hour trip to your clinic; save your own time and money by reducing missed appointments. You can also build goodwill with your community and smaller satellite communities who demand quick access to quality, affordable care.

Your organization, as a united, coherent whole, can realize these benefits under our guidance. From Arizona to Africa, we’ve seen it all. Your telemedicine dreams can become a reality. Contact our experts, who can start a conversation about how exactly to take action and get results.


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