The Telehealth Education Delivered (TED) truck has started its journey to visit more than 200 VA medical centers and clinics across the country.

The large van is doing what its name suggests. It is delivering telehealth education and training for Veterans Affairs healthcare providers. Iron Bow Technologies is taking TED on what amounts to a nearly16,000 mile road trip, crisscrossing the nation more than three times.

You may not know this, but the VA embarked on its successful clinical telemedicine program in 2010. It modeled its program on GlobalMeds proven technologies, and has used them for more than three million patient consults. So in the interest of full disclosure, GlobalMed is a sponsor of TED.

At its multiple stops during the trip, TEDs driver, Ben Engel, will demonstrate the onboard telemedicine systems, explaining how they can extend healthcare access, enhance patient care and enable collaboration among healthcare providers and Veteran patients.

The telemedicine technologies include the platforms that allow distant providers to see, diagnose and treat Veterans. These include GlobalMeds ClinicalAccess mobile telemedicine station, the Transportable Exam Station, or TES, and the WallDoc system that mounts on a clinic wall.

The images on the side of TED depict a clinical telemedicine visit with the patient in a clinic and the physician at a different location. The telemedicine program makes healthcare more convenient for Veterans who can consult with specialists within the VA system no matter where they are.

TED showcases the technologies used for telemental health, surgery follow-up, wound care, audiology, and primary care, including non-invasive cardio and dermatology.

The truck began the trek in Arizona shortly after the first of the year and will end it in Evansville, Indiana in late October, 2017. You can find the TED schedule and a map showing the route it is taking on Teds Web site, You can also follow TED on Instagram and Twitter.

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