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Telemedicine Treats A Variety of Conditions

By October 18, 2018March 4th, 2019Uncategorized

With so many technological advancements at our fingertips, it’s not too surprising to find that telemedicine is rising in popularity. By empowering providers to deliver data-driven care to patients who can’t visit a medical facility, telemedicine has transformed the face of global healthcare.

But many providers are still uncertain of just what conditions can be treated with telemedicine.

Telemedicine Software and Devices
Coupling smartphone technology with advanced telemedicine solutions, physicians can deliver a level of care that was previously considered unfathomable. Along with video conferencing, integrated devices allow physicians to assess patients without engaging face to face. Some of the most widely used telemedicine equipment includes:

  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Sleep apnea devices
  • Wireless heart monitors
  • Audiology devices
  • Device to measure blood glucose levels
  • Examination cameras

From that list, you can surmise that a variety of patients can benefit from telemedicine. Patients with ear infections, bronchitis, colds, influenza, sinus infections, sleep disorders, conjunctivitis and other acute conditions have been successfully treated via telemedicine, often with the provider writing a prescription. However, telemedicine can also be used to monitor patients with diabetes, check on patients recovering from surgery or birth, complete an exam for a disabled patient unable to travel, and other uses. Mental health therapy, physical rehabilitation services and other forms of care have also become popular.

Telemedicine is moving from the realm of one-shot medical services and into ongoing care plans for long-term patient-provider relationships. Before you assume virtual care isn’t right for your specialty, take another look at the latest innovations. We think you’ll be surprised.

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