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7 Reasons We’re The Platform of Platforms for Virtual Health™

7 Reasons We’re The Platform of Platforms for Virtual Health™

There’s a catchphrase that’s been spreading for a while now through GlobalMed teams and our customers. Sure, sometimes people describe GlobalMed as a real-time healthcare delivery system company or the worldwide leader in telemedicine solutions. But usually, people call us something more informal: The Platform of Platforms for Virtual Health™.

That’s because our telemedicine solutions go far beyond a traditional telemedicine video consultation. With GlobalMed, you get one complete virtual care delivery solution tailored for your needs with telehealth stations, integrated devices, and software. This platform approach allows you to develop and scale a telemedicine program and expand to include the latest telemedicine applications and tools as your practice grows.

At HIMSS19, someone stopped by and asked us to give them the benefits of our platform. Here are seven that immediately come to mind.

1 – We bring telemedicine to everyone.

Whether it’s the President on Air Force One or Hurricane Maria survivors or a snowbound parent at home with a feverish infant, we can connect anyone to virtual care in real time. We are active in prisons, workplaces, Naval ships, remote African villages and the Olympics, because it’s our mission to transform healthcare on a global scale.

2 – We help patients get the care they need from the doctors they trust.

Other telemedicine companies require patients to see unfamiliar providers. But with GlobalMed, healthcare organizations supply their own providers. Patients can receive informed and familiar care from their usual doctors even when they’re on the road or unable to make an in-person appointment.

3 – We make telemedicine easy and secure.

Simple, streamlined and easy to use, our HIPAA and HITRUST-certified solutions remove the IT factor from virtual care. We lead the industry in speed, performance and security, so providers can focus on treatment plans and sharing clinical data in real time.

4 – Providers can stay informed about their patients’ healthcare journeys.

Whether patients are around the corner or across the world, physicians and staff can monitor their condition and provide needed care. Doctors can check on chronic issues and provide guidance during medical events, even when they’re not physically present.

5 – We are the leader in the third rail of healthcare.

In our mobile world, telemedicine has become the third rail of care delivery alongside acute and ambulatory care. GlobalMed operates in more than 55 countries and has provided the highest number of telehealth consults on the planet. Why? Because we connect patients with providers at every point of the care continuum – including nurses, therapists, pharmacists and others – even when there’s a provider shortage in their area.

6- Our telemedicine solutions empower providers with data-driven care.

While people often picture telemedicine as a simple video consult, our approach is rooted in data. Our solutions integrate with data-driven devices like ultrasounds and x-rays so providers can collaborate with specialists and offer evidence-based care.

7 – Our solutions increase ROI while reducing healthcare costs.

Providers can boost patient retention and downstream referrals, and reduce high treatment costs through earlier preventive care. Healthcare organizations can manage capacity, reduce admissions and unnecessary visits, and optimize the use of providers and staff – while introducing a new revenue stream.

The GlobalMed Difference

We realize telehealth is still a new frontier for many people and GlobalMed is here to help guide you and find the best solutions that fit your needs. If you’re exploring your options, take a look at our solutions or better yet, request a demo. You’ll find out all the ways GlobalMed is expanding the range of care, saving costs, and improving patient outcomes – and all the ways we can help you.

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