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Controlling Prison Healthcare Costs with Telemedicine

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When you think of a typical telemedicine visit, you might picture a patient in a rural town communicating with a big-city specialist, or a primary care provider triaging with an emergency room department. Virtual care is now a regular aspect of the clinical landscape, from disaster recovery to behavioral and addiction…

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Transforming Disaster Recovery with Telemedicine

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Recently GlobalMed’s Chief Clinical Officer Gigi Sorenson and Chief Medical Information Officer Dr. Dean Smith presented talks about disaster recovery and telemedicine at the International Conference on Disaster Medicine and Hurricane Resiliency. Hosted by Society for Disaster Medicine, the St. Maartens conference focused on public health challenges after hurricanes. Any…

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The Death of Old-School Telehealth

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Let’s just say it: Telemedicine is booming in today’s healthcare landscape. 74 percent of employers offer telemedicine benefits; 72 percent of hospital providers and 52 percent of physician groups have telemedicine programs. What was once seen as a special option for rural communities is now available to everyone, thanks to…

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