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Furthering Health Equity in Africa

Africa is facing a dramatic public health crisis – with high communicable and chronic disease rates, maternal mortality, neonatal deaths, and a shocking number of HIV/AIDS cases. A primary factor in this crisis is the lack of access to health care. In remote Zimbabwe villages healthcare may be limited to a monthly visit from a nurse whose job it is to see as many patients as possible in a single day. But what happens when someone has an emergency on an unscheduled day? Through implementation of virtual care, patients can be seen even when a healthcare provider isn’t scheduled to visit their village—removing the potentially lethal long wait time for care.

See, while telehealth brings care to the underserved, the areas that need it most often lack essential components like transportation, reliable electricity or Internet access, or staff with the right skill sets. Deploying solutions isn’t as simple as delivering a few GlobalMed stations to local clinicians. Every effective virtual health deployment requires the right expertise, technology, and strategy that goes far beyond a video call– and when disadvantaged regions are in play, intelligent orchestration is a must.

Our goal is the same as it’s always been – to help care teams worldwide transform global healthcare with virtual health solutions. Maybe you’re running a small virtual program yourself or laying the groundwork of a large-scale deployment. Maybe you’re still investigating the benefits of evidence-based virtual care.

By expanding our presence in Africa, GlobalMed joins technology giants like Google and Facebook in transforming disadvantaged corners of the earth. Google’s Project Loon has created an aerial wireless network to bring Internet access to rural areas, including some of Kenya’s most remote regions. Facebook is also building orbital lasers and satellites to get remote residents online and spark socioeconomic growth. GlobalMed solutions turn that expanded Internet access into expanded access to care. It’s all part of our mission to improve lives throughout the world with transformative health and wellness solutions – and we can’t wait to see where we’ll go next.

Discover How We Can Help You Expand Care Access

Transforming Africa’s Healthcare Crisis with Telemedicine

Learn about the incredible work done in Africa to expand care to underserved communities in rural areas. In partnership with The Zimbabwe Ministry of Health and Child Care, the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology, and POTRAZ, Zimbabwe’s telecommunication regulatory agency, GlobalMed’s advanced virtual care technology is resulting in faster, more advanced patient care.

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