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GlobalMed Expands its Virtual Health Rental Program to Include More Offerings

By December 1, 2021Cost Savings, Press

The CostSimplified® virtual health rental program expands offerings with newly added telehealth delivery stations and medical devices.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – December 1, 2021, GlobalMed’s CostSimplified® program allows organizations to adopt and provide virtual care delivery services for a low monthly fee. The model offers users an alternate financial means to access GlobalMed’s market-leading virtual health stations, devices, and software platform. 

Today’s release announces the addition of GlobalMed’s Transportable Exam Backpack and the TotalExam® Lite Exam Camera/Otoscope Kit to the CostSimplified program. 

Each CostSimplified rental includes: 

  • A choice of telehealth stations: ClinicalAccess® Station, CAS Lite Station, Transportable Exam Station, WallDoc® and the newly added Transportable Exam Backpack
  • A choice of connected medical devices: TotalExam®3 Exam Camera and Otoscope attachment, TotalExam Lite Exam Camera and Otoscope, TotalVitals®, and USB Digital Stethoscope 
  • eNcounter® telehealth software platform for customized workflows, multi-way video consults, and cloud-based storage

GlobalMed virtual health rental program

The CostSimplified® rental program includes a telehealth station, a choice of medical devices, and the eNcounter® software platform.

“Virtual health care delivery is about making care more accessible, not only for patients, but also providers,” said Joel E. Barthelemy, GlobalMed founder and CEO. “Our CostSimplified program allows providers with a limited budget to quickly start or expand their virtual health program and begin to measure patient response and program ROI before committing to a long-term investment. There are no large upfront capital expenditures required so providers can begin delivering secure and responsible telemedicine almost immediately.”

CostSimplified benefits providers in several ways:

  • Start small but get started. Start a telehealth program with a minimal budget and an affordable monthly payment without the burden of a large capital requirement.
  • Get started quickly. Get up and running in 6-8 weeks eliminating the longer time needed for a capital approval process.
  • Scalability. Affordably add to your initial rental offering as your virtual health use cases and patient demand grow.
  • Demonstrate ROI. Over time as you track patient utilization, you are better equipped to prove telemedicine ROI.
  • Get a fully integrated solution and support. You get all you need in virtual care technology from one vendor avoiding lower quality solutions from multiple sources.
  • Set up and training included. Get the support you need to set up and use your new solution without an extra cost.
  • Remote technical management. GlobalMed’s support team remotely handles the technical management of your equipment and software, including upgrades.

Learn more about the CostSimplified program. 

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