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Making Telemedicine Affordable for Every Budget

If telehealth has one superpower it’s famous for, it’s bringing quality care to the underserved.  Virtual visits can level the playing field between patients who enjoy multiple options for specialty care and advanced treatment and those who go without basic care. But to fill the care gap, two conditions must be met:

That’s why GlobalMed has extended our innovation to pricing – to make telemedicine affordable and practical for every type of provider, in every care environment.

Responsible Virtual Health – for Every Budget

Entry costs can be a major barrier to universal telemedicine. The capital required to invest in the necessary hardware and software can stop many private practices, clinics, and small hospitals from offering virtual care services – yet they’re often the ones who need it most.

Rural hospitals struggling to stay open could expand access and reap revenue from telemedicine solutions that connect their patients to distant specialists. Skilled nursing facilities, behavioral care centers, or rehabilitation clinics often need to communicate with patients’ primary care and specialty providers. Small town practices can attract more patients, particularly younger generations, by offering telemedicine services.

It all sounds so promising, right? But without the budget of a major healthcare network, many of these smaller providers have watched the telemedicine revolution from the sidelines. Few practices can afford a big bang approach to implementation. Even when such an investment would drive ROI over time, the large capital expenditure required upfront is simply beyond their budget.

That’s why our Cost Simplified model puts affordable telemedicine within reach. Driven by GlobalMed’s market-leading telehealth stations, devices, and software platform, Cost Simplified allows organizations to adopt and provide virtual care delivery services for a low monthly flat fee.

Cost Simplified Benefits

Our new plans mean even small-town providers can use the same sophisticated virtual health solutions used by the White House and the U.S. military. Our highly secure and configurable platform integrates with data-capturing devices, so providers can deliver evidence-based decision support during a virtual health consultation that goes far beyond a symptoms-focused video call.

In addition to promoting smart capacity management and patient retention, Cost Simplified benefits providers in several ways:

  • They can start a telemedicine program with a minimal budget and measure patient response before scaling.
  • Organizations can prove telemedicine ROI to their leadership to justify a long-term investment.
  • Ancillary care partners like clinics, therapists, pharmacies, and specialists can get connected for stronger collaboration.
  • Organizations can protect their brand and drive continuity of care by using their own providers for virtual care delivery – instead of being required to use an outsourced telehealth physician network.

How Our Monthly Plans Work

Each Cost Simplified plan includes a station and peripherals. Three of our most popular connected devices are included with each plan: TotalExam 3 for capturing high-definition images, TotalVitals for continuous patient monitoring, and RNK for clear and fast teleausculation. Every station is also powered by our sophisticated eNcounter software, which allows for customized workflows, multi-way video consults, and cloud-based storage.

Cost Simplified plans are also available with Transportable Exam Station (TES), Transportable Exam Backpack, CAS Lite and the WallDoc.  You can review all the available options at the Cost Simplified plan page.

There are no guessing games about maintenance costs and no large capital expenditures required. Instead, providers can easily begin delivering secure and responsible telemedicine to patients no matter where they are, whenever they need care.

Want to get started? Schedule a demo or learn more here.

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