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PRESS RELEASE: Arizona Based Telemedicine Provider GlobalMed, Featured in White House Press Conference Aug. 3, 2017

US Veterans Use The Same Medical Technology As President

(Scottsdale, Ariz.)GlobalMed, the worldwide leader in telemedicine delivery solutions, is honored to be highlighted in the August 3 White House press conference with its ClinicalAccess Station, TotalExam 3 Camera, Transportable Exam Station, and eNcounter software platform. During the conference, President Trump, along with Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Dr. David J. Shulkin, demonstrated telemedicine innovations that improve veteran healthcare.

Dr. Shulkin showcased the GlobalMed equipment, highlighting a dermatological use case for the ClinicalAccess Station with a veteran patient at a VA clinic in Grant Pass, Oreg., as well as touted the portability of the Transportable Exam Station (TES) to President Trump. While presenting the TES and clarifying this is the same equipment used on Air Force One, Dr. Shulkin stated, This is actually the new doctors bag, the doctors bag of the future.

In partnership with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), the CEO of GlobalMed, Joel E. Barthelemy, has been working diligently with his team since 2008 to increase access to medical care for thousands of veterans across the country as well as in U.S. territories. Through increased access to medical care, veterans similar to Barthelemy, are able to receive treatment faster; resulting in decreased recovery times, increased patient satisfaction and outcomes, as well as a significant reduction in the amount of money and resources utilized to treat veteran patients. This proven technology platform has enabled the VA to target care and case management to improve access to care and improve the health of veterans nationwide and beyond.

With telemedicine solutions like GlobalMed, hundreds of thousands of veterans are receiving the necessary treatment they require. Were extremely proud to work with the VA to help them provide healthcare access to those who have fought for our country and put their lives on the line for ourfreedom, says Joel E. Barthelemy, CEO of GlobalMed.

In 2016, GlobalMeds Transportable Exam Station (TES) was introduced to the White House as an additional method for offering telemedicine solutions to the President of the UnitedStates. GlobalMeds technology platforms were utilized by the Obama Administration and are now also used by President Donald J. Trump, showcasing that veterans across the country have access to the same medical technology as the president himself.


GlobalMeds ClinicalAccess Station delivers simple and intuitive workflow by integrating all system hardware and software elements in an efficient solution. Its locking compartments prevent loss and unauthorized use of the station or its medical devices, while HIPAA-compliant store and forward image transfer software ensures your data gets to its destination securely. A clean, ovular design with a small footprint and five-wheelbase makes the ClinicalAccess Station easy to maneuver within confined spaces as well as moving it from room to room.

GlobalMeds TotalExam 3 Camera utilizes a handheld camera that delivers greater utility and efficiency. The TotalExam 3 produces an uncompressed HD image alleviating any chance of compression artifacts. It leverages an 8 LED carousel with adjustable white balance to generate over three times the clarity of most standard resolution cameras. The TotalExam 3 Camera is easy to use with laptops as well as portable and mobile exam stations.

GlobalMeds Transportable Exam Station is an integrated, fully-mobile telemedicine platform, housing a tablet PC, speaker, microphone and an array of cameras and medical devices in an impact-, dust-, weather-resistant rolling case. With a comprehensive selection of medical devices, TES provides tools to administer convenient care to patients regardless of their location. TES is ideal for any setting where evidence-based care is needed but not easily accessible.

GlobalMeds eNcounter is an open-architecture platform that combines best-in-breed consumer facing functionality, home monitoring devices, healthcare delivery systems and evidenced-based peripheral aggregation capabilities. It is a robust, flexible work flow and automation software infrastructure to support health plans, hospitals, MSOs, ACOs, group practices and other healthcare organizations. eNcounter can be used as your singular application for patient engagement and optimizing capacity, or it can be customized to integrate easily with your existing EHR or EMR for an enhanced work flow.


GlobalMed is an award-winning, international provider of telemedicine hardware and software solutions supporting advanced health care delivery and connectivity in 55 countries. Using the GlobalMed technology platform, clinicians can evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients supported by the simultaneous transmission of clinical and biometric data.

As the manufacturer and implementer of the largest telemedicine programs in the world, GlobalMed products and information technology provide secure, data-supported video consults between veterans and clinicians throughout the VHA delivery system.

In 2016, GlobalMed was chosen as the telemedicine provider for the White House Medical Unit. Selected for its security and proven performance, GlobalMed provides equipment, training and support, and works closely with White House medical staff who provides care for the President. Founded by a Marine Corps Veteran still serving as its CEO, GlobalMed is a verified Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB). For more information about GlobalMed visit


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