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When you look at the telemedicine ecosphere, everyone says any device, anytime, anywhere or some variation thereof. Here at GlobalMed, we take a much more personal and well-rounded approach to developing telemedicine solutions. We truly believe telemedicine should be a service that benefits you when you need it, whether you are a physician or a patient.

You might be asking yourself, How can telemedicine benefit both the physician and the patient?

A Healthcare Crisis

Youve probably seen news articles describing shortages of doctors and other healthcare professionals, due to the increasing number of baby boomers who are now developing an increase in complex healthcare needs, and fewer available doctors to treat patients. An article from the New York Times cites that in the United States there are fewer practicing physicians per 1,000 people than 23 of 28 countries, according to 2013 data. Additionally, it says that according to the Association of American Medical Colleges, by 2025 there could be a shortfall of between 12,500 and 31,100 doctors in the United States.

Thats a crisis in the making, and we have the hardware and software solutions to mitigate that crisis.

eNcounter 4 for Resource Management

We just released eNcounter 4, and we believe its the best software solution in the telemedicine industry. eNcounter 4 delivers a whole new set of customizable features and functions, but what we want to focus on are the resource management features.

Using eNcounter 4, physicians and patients both can adjust the telemedicine appointment in the event of unavailability. Patients can be invited to join a practice, or be scheduled for new or follow-up telemedicine appointments. What if a physician realizes they are overbooked or running behind? eNcounter 4 allows physicians to shift patients among other available physicians in the practice, so that patients may still receive the treatment they need when they need it. This eliminates the stereotypical inconvenience of patients sitting in a waiting room, waiting far beyond their appointment time. Likewise, if a patient realizes they need to adjust their appointment time, eNcounter 4 gives them the power to do that.

The result is higher patient satisfaction, which promotes patient retention because of that satisfaction.

Harkening to the shortage of physicians, using eNcounter 4 as your telemedicine solution allows you to provide a wealth of evidence-based services to patients, especially those who are remotely located and have limited access to physicians and specialists. Time and logistical demands on you as the physician is better managed. Time and logistical demands on your patients is greatly reduced.

eNcounter 4 truly is telemedicine at your service.

We Create Solutions

Telemedicine as method of medical practice is not new. Telemedicine has been around as long as weve had telephones. What is new is the technology and resources available that make using telemedicine an attractive solution to the healthcare shortage we see happening.

Here at GlobalMed, we partner with leading medical groups, healthcare enterprises, and government agencies to create solutions that enable physicians to better manage their time and resources. Our solutions empower physicians to provide the healthcare patients deserve when they need it.

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